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Family Creations

The Family's Pages

  Benjamin's Art Gallery, Andrew's Art Gallery
Elling photos, Davis photos, Karen and Eric's Wedding, Ice Storm 4/5/03

Family Interests

Colleges and Universities

  AlfredU, AlfredAlumni, SyracuseU
AlfredTech, RIT,

Hobbies and Diversions

Movies IMDB, Movie Review Query Engine, DVD Resource, Movie Trailers, dMarie Time Capsule, Movieline.com, ALWAYSi, Hollywood.com, NitPickers
Old Time Radio OTRland (X2.ca), OTRCAT, The Vintage Radio Place(Jerry Haendiges),  (YesterdayUSA), Genco, UofMemphis, Old-Time Radio, Esoteric Sound Audio Products, Jack's Killer List of OTR Sites, Simply Scripts - Radio Scripts, OTR Trader Message Board, Sperdvac, OTR cd-r to trade,Evan's CBS Radio Mystery Theater, BigJon&Sparkie, MyOTR

Internet Radio

The Ultimate AM Radio, World Radio Network, VOANews.com, BBC World Service, CNET TV & Radio, www.kdradio.com, RadioValve, RadioFreeAkron, Radio Paradise, Digital Media - WXXI Online,
Origami PaperFolding.com, Wu, fascinating-folds, money
Optical Illusions Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena, BioMotionLab Demos, BMLwalker
Other MazeBuilder.com


Directory and Reference Sites

  Refdesk, Bartleby.com, telephone, VisualThesaurus, Online Dictionary - HyperDictionary.com, Common Errors in English, Top 100 Web Sites (PCMagMar2003), Dvorak's Portal, CapitolImpact, Lawrence Livermore List of Lists, InfoSpace, Switchboard.com, AnyWho, The Mining Company, Snap! Online, WhoWhere, Four11, ForumOne, MapQuest, RxList, VoyCabulary,  Kiwi Slang, Encarta Concise, Quotes, HowStuffWorks, Webopedia,
Common Errors in English, MyHelpDesk, ICWhen, HyperPhysics, AphorismsGalore, Reverse Phone Search, Principia Cybernetica Web, Currency Conversion, Ask Jeeves, Company Sleuth, InfoSpace, IRS, www.loc.gov, Today-in-History, Acronyms, AcademicInfo, Librarians' Internet Index, Grokker, Glossary, Latin Phrases, Latin Phrases (ng). UrbanDictionary


  Democracy Now!, TomDispatch, C-SPAN

CNN, ABC News, BBC Online, MSNBC, NYTimes, TheRegister,


  AltaVista, Google, GoogleZeitgistHotBot, InFind, MetaCrawler, MetaSpy, Blink,   NorthernLight, PeopleSearch, Find, FlySwat, GregNotessShowdown,Yahoo!, Lycos, About.com, Excite, MSN, Picsearch, GoogleImageSearch

(web logs)

  Radio.Weblogs.Com, www.manilasites.com, www.weblogger.comwww.blogger.com
MSN Communities, TrainSimulator, TheNetMeetingZone,
Other www.scripting.com

Cool and New

  CoolCentralBestOfTheWeb, ThinkGeek

Family and Education

  ViewPointResearch (Alan Kay)Nick, SurfMonkey, Ask Jeeves for Kids, Discovery Kids, Disney.com, ePLAY, SuperFamily, Yahooligans, Genealogy.com, FunSchool.com
Cooking: :  FoodTV, America's Test Kitchen, SurLaTable, CooksIllustrated


Art & Photos: Corbis
Autos AutoByTel, MSNCarPoint, KellyBlueBook:
Books Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Powell's Books, Bibliofind, BlackMask
Clothes IC3D Jeans
Comparison PriceWatch, PriceSCAN, ProductReview, PriceGrabber
Computer Hardware NECX, ComputerShopper, HP Shopping Village, TechBargains, Time's Deal, JustDeals, Microworx, Nexgen
Entertainment TicketMaster
Music CD Now, HiFi. JWPepper,
Free MP3: Vitaminic, Insound, Matador
ShoppingBots: MySimon, Acses
Software Chumbo, EggHead, KidsDomainDemos,
Toys eToys, BigFunToys
Travel PreviewTravel
Wine Virtual Vineyards

HyperMart, MindSpring, MSN Link Exchange, Sitematic, SmartAge, Top Ten Dot Cons Home Page

and Science

Artificial Intelligence AI on the Web, AI in Games, Cycorp, Inc. (CYC)
Chemistry ACS, Publishing Chemistry on the Internet
Computer Science Computer.org, NanoCAD
InfoTech Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair
Robotics iRobot, AiboSite
General HowStuffWorks, Smithsonian, Exploratorium



  CNET, Developer, O'Reilly, WhatIs, ZDNet,SlashDot

Thompson Automation,

Automation MacroExpress, ClipMate, AutoMate
C/Fortran OpenWatcom
Editors NoteTab. Jeremy's Emacs Stuff, GNU Emacs Reference, Emacs info, Editing with Emacs, EmacsHelp, Emacs_TOC
Fonts Fonts.OnTheWeb, Fontalicious, FontFace, FontGarden, MS Typography
MS Win Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks, WinPlanet, ActiveWin.com, WinGuides.com, FixWindows.com, WinPortal.com, Microsoftsoft.about, Browser Plug-ins,
News Universal Thread forums, KBAlertz,
Perl ActiveState, Gurusamy Sarathy, NTPerling, Robert's Tutorial, Perl for Win32 Tutorial v1.0, 10 Minutes to Learn (TM), Getting Started With Perl, Perl Primer
Python Python Language Website
Jess Jess, the Java Expert System Shell
Security Gibson Research, InfoWar, TruSecure, BrowserCheck, VMyths, ServerQuery, CrackZ Reverse Engineering Page
Spam The Spamhaus Project
VB DevX Source Code Library
Help Scrap Files Can Tear You Up, PCHelp, SamSpade.org, ZDNet 81 Secrets,

Digital Audio

  FindSounds.com, Syntrillium, CoolSchool, SonicFoundry, The Disc Doctor, EchoAudio, Gina24Review, Sonic Control, audioMIDI.com,
M-Audio Digital Audio Cards, PCAVTech Sound Card Technical Benchmarks, PCABX Technical Listening Room, GoldWave Digital Audio Editor,
Digital Audio Labs, Digital Playroom Audio for TV and New Media, StreamingSoundTracks

Needle Doctor, Stanton Magnetics, 123DJ

Digital Photography

Photography Panoramio
Panaoramas Kaidan - Photographic VR, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, QuickObject
Steganography SourceForge StegHide, StegHide
PhotoHighway, MediaChanceMultimedia authoring
Filters ColorWasher, ThePlugSite
Equipment Steve's Digicams, The Imaging Resource!
Digital Video


  DV.COM, AdCritic, VIDEOFARM, Panasonic Camcorders, DVLine-Canopus , B&HPhoto-PV-DV800, DV Formats, Matrox Video, VideoHotline.com, ABC-TV(VideoRoll), Google Web Directory, dvcreators.net DV hardware, CanonG1, VideoGuys.com, Terran Interactive-Codec Central, Super Video CD Overview, BigFX, Cinematography.com, FlasK MPEG, DVD FAQ, VCD Help, AdobePremiere, Glossary of DVD Acronyms and Terms, Videographer.com, DV Info Net,
Deinterlacing: 100fps
Adobe Premiere Harry'sGrads
Hardware & Peripherals
Scanner scanning tips,
Computer Tom's Hardware Guide, AnandTech, CNET.com     
Software Downloads   SharewareJunkies, FileFarm!, StroudCWS, Dave Central, Download.com, PalmPilot Gear HQ, Software Library, TUCOWS, Updates.Com, Shell Extension city, HotFiles, PC Magazine Downloads, SimTel, OldVersion,


OnlyTheBestFreeware.com, links, Softseek, Moochers, Son Of Spy's Freeware, FreewareWeb, Horatiu A. Tanescu Home Page,
PCMag.com Shareware Library


NetMeeting 3, NM4Rumors, Session Initiation Protocol

Network tools



The GrooveMaker, MusicMachine

Bandwidth tests

CNET, Bandwidth Meter, Bandwidth Speed Test.com
Telephony   pulver.com, Intensifi
Web Cams   Basic Telepresence, Inc., webcams, live web cams, onlinecamera.com, WebCam Central, StatueOfLiberty, more
SF, Boston, Chicago(Field), Disney, Maui, Miami, Oslo, RochesterNY, NiagaraFalls, Old Faithful Geyser
Web Development   NetScapeDevEdge, W3, HTMLSucks, HTMLGoodies, Jakob Nielsen, Inquiry.com, DevX CodeLib, DevX Discussion Groups, SiteExperts, DevGuru, WebReference.com
ADO ObjModel, ADOReference
ASP LearnASP, ASPToday, 4GuysFromRolla, ASP Zone, LINE9, DevXTips, Roadmap, ASPFAQs, QuickGallery, Asp Tracker, ASPAlliance, BrainJar.com
Database What Is MSDE?
DHTML DynamicDrive
Distant Corners (info), SWiSHzone, aplustemplates, WebAnimationGuide, Flashants, SwichIT, TemplateStore, OpenSWF, SWFnews
HTML Barebones Guide
Icons &
iconbazaar, Animation Factory Gif Library, ClipArt, Dave's House of Clipart, IrfanView - Freeware Graphic Viewer
Java Gamelan, Anfy, The Java Boutique
JavaScript LiveSoftware, WebCoder, HotStyle, Cut-N-Paste, Dynamic Drive, JavaScript Source, Bookmarklets, WSabstract
Screen Capture CamStudio
SVG Adobe-Scalable Vector Graphics, "lissajou animation",
Things ThingWorld
XML IBMAlphaWorks, Spiderpro XML Tutorial, XMLTIMES.com, Developer Conferences
Web Services   FreeTranslation, Efax, Deja, Homestead, Register, DSL Reports_Tweaks

More Links

Auction/Classified   eBay, Bidder's Edge, uBid, Onsale
Jobs: Monster, HotJobs, Net-Temps
Graphic Design
& Typography
Design Charles Poynton, ArtToday, TypoFile , EyeWire, Typeviewer
Fonts Fontalicious, FontFace, FontGarden, MS Typography, FontDiner, Chank
Textures boogaholler,
PublicDomain Defense Visual Information Center, Maps of the Solar System, LoC American Memory, Hubble Heritage, SpaceTelescopeScienceInstitute,
ColorMgmt International Color Consortium, E-Color, Imation, Pantone,
Music lyrics.ch, lyrics.com, mp3.com, Spinner,
TV TVGuide, C-Span, NPR
Trailers AdCritic.com - Commercials, QuickTimeMovieTrailers, AtomFilms
E-Zines   Edge, Slate, HarvardBusinessForum, StrategyWeek.com, TheOnion, Salon, Fark, Disinformation
Books http://www.gutenberg.net/, OnLineBooks, MalaSpinaGreatBooks, ExLibris
Graphics GRSites.com, CoolText.com, MediaBuilder, webGFX Rendermachine
Web Hosting Create a Manila Site, Zope Hosting at NIP, Free-Conversant News
Games   GameCenter, Gamer's Central, GameSpot, Mplayer, MSNGamingZone
Humor   AhaJokes, Dilbert, 4Guys, SnapEntertainmentHumor, Puns, UCB Parents Jokes,
Knowledge   ClueTrain, APQC Free, TakeItOffline, BPRC, KM Forum, Knowledge Inc., Knowledge Management Excellence Forum, Lotus KM Homepage, GURTEEN KNOWLEDGE-LETTER, EC Knowledge Board
Communities of Practice Etienne Wenger
PKM PersonalKnowledgeManagement,
Knowledge Management   GURTEEN Knowledge Management, GURTEEN Category Storytelling, CorporateInnovationBlog, Knowledge Seeds, HBS Working Knowledge, Knowledge Board, Meta Knowledge Management Portal, Portal KMOL, Wordmap, InnovationNetwork, CreativeCommons
Self-deception   self-deception, Seeing Through Self-Deception, Self-Deception.doc
The Skeptic's Dictionary - A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions,
People   eCircles, Visto, GURTEEN View People,
Chat: SeniorNet, ICQ, ExcitePeople, TalkCity, Yahoo!Chat

Alan Kay (SqueakLand), Peter@Norvig.com, Jakob Nielsen, KAZ Vorpal, Tom Peters, Michael Schrage, Don Norman, Howard Rheingold, Molly Ivans, Theodore Zeldin (Oxford Muse)

Processes   McCarthy-Tech, ManagingChange&Technology,
Politics   TomDispatch, Democracy Now!,

Vote-Smart, http://www.tompaine.com/, MoveOn, AmConstitutionalSociety, CenterForAmericanProgress, AmericaComingTogether,

Philosophy   Primitivism,
Complex Adaptive Systems Welcome To Trojan Mice, GURTEEN Knowledge Management
Communities of Practice Etienne Wenger,
Skeptical Information   Investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims
The Skeptic Friends Network, CSICOP, James Randi, Skeptic.com, Skeptic's Dictionary,
Standards   The Digital Object Identifier
Teaching & Learning   ViewletBuilder, Learn2, SCORE Schools of California On-line Resources for Education, emTech - Constructivism, Constructivism, BigChalk.com, Embark.comTrainingZONE, ToolsForThought
Thinking   ThinkSmart, MindManager, Great Thinkers and Visionaries, Richard Dawkins, Global Province, Long Bets, LongNow
Time   NIST Time, Timezone Converter, The Long Now Foundation, The official U.S. time, Industoriius Clock, CAMCAMTIME, On-This-day, LED watches,
Weird and Useless   dihydrogen monoxide info, Roman Numeral Converter, Bureau of Missing Socks, Easter Eggs, Juggling, BathFish, Home Page Pregnancy Test, Wacky Hospitality Sites, Toys from Archie McPhee Online, FreewaySignmaker, Manual of Traffic Signs, GumWrapper, www.jack-o-lantern
Misc   Special Effects Supply, Small Parts, debunking Jesus Christ,

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